Tuesday, April 28, 2009


cherubim...ergo sum made a perceptive comment about looking forward to the world of work.

Comrade cherubim...ergo sum, who quite forgetteth that cherubim is hebrew (like seraphim or chaverim) and ergo sum Latin, a mistake I woud not have permitted cherubim...ergo sum to make, upon pain of a Malcolm Tucker impersonation, can rest assured.

Although I am quite drunk, I would still point out that very few places in the private sector are as poorly managed. The first rule of Strategy being "Nobody likes having their arse kicked", the private sector by and large steers clear of the general Woo Woo that passes for management in the pubic sector. Nowhere you are likely to ever work will be as badly managed as a British Public Sector Institution.

Comrade Cherubim, if that is really Comrade Cherubim's real name, can take consolation in the inevitable progression of Orthodox Marxist Leninist Maoism and especially in the fact that only really stupid people like, I don't know, academics specialising in management practice or something equally useful, act to help the inevitable progression of marxist leninist maoism.

Really, nowhere you work will ever be as shit. Even if it's McDonalds.


The High Priestess said...

Pubic sector? Freudian slip or deliberate? :)

Felonious Thelonius said...

Bad typing, but true nonetheless!

Having an Oh shit did I write all this? Shit's posted when drunk, or scheduled and posted later when drunk. That'll learn me.

Comrade Cherubim said...

comrade cherubim has accepted new name. rank yet to be determined. scientia potentia est, perhaps, but when entry to institute is denied past 6pm it could be suggested that cherubim is of lowest order. particular song played in caffeine dispensing establishment some 2 years ago in presence of other cherubim comes to mind with reference to...hmm...you decide! :)