Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Myers, Briggs and Belbin can kiss my white arse.

They can do so because they are all wrong. There are actually ten types of people in the world, those who can understand Binary and those who can't.

Of those ten types of people, one type are oriented towards like doing shit cooperatively and the other are into like making people do shit to self embiggen.

The former type know to "discuss" with other people. The latter think that people need to be forced into doing shit by whatever underhanded means necessary. And so, they cultivate the habit for playing games.

The only exception is where people are too incompetent to work out what how to gain rapport with and deal with others.

In short, you level with and communicate as if levelling with another autonomous sentient being who has every right to be such or you're either incompetent or malicious. That's it. And don't give me a load of bullshit about that being black or whit thinking. It's not. It's simpler than that. Obviously the stuff of being Human clause gives you exemption from having to be perfect about stuff. But it's like the old saying. Once is an accident, twice a coincidence and thrice enemy action. So if the general course of action is not based on levelling (in the Virginia Satir type sense), then it is either persistent incompetence or malice.

End of.

So when I'm hearing about tasks that have been assigned to me in an attachment to an email sent by a third party (The long suffering Saint of the Second) , without prior discussion, without any indication that they had been so assigned, I'm suddenly in a quandary.

Twats or Pigfuckers? incompetents or wannabe Macchaiavels? Morons or morons? Crew of the Red Dwarf or Season One Cylons.

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Anonymous said...

This has provided me with great entertainment during my revision for my Human Resource exam, potential for referencing during the exam ;)