Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fish Pie.

One day, I thought to myself I'd really fancy some fish pie.

So I went to the stall in the market , and I went to the very nice lady behind the stall "Do you have any fish pie?" and the lady behind the stall said, in her rich basso profundo, "no, we haven't got any fish pie".

"Are you sure you don't have any fish pie?"

"No, I'm sorry we don't have any fish pie"

"Oh, because I really like a nice fish pie."

"Oh, me too. i love a nice piece of fish pie"

"But you haven't got any fish pie?"

"This stall sells clothes"

Oh, I said, and sadly turned and went off to find the greengrocers where I could buy a bottle of thunderbird and 40 B&H for my baby niece.

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